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martedì 1 novembre 2011


What is Naples? Naples is a  great city!one of the most beatiful cities in italy!
I can't tell about naples in few lines,or just in a blog. Naples is tobe  discovered!
Churches, museums, castles, parks, ancients villas, landscapes,food, the sea , a beatiful weather (o' sole , o mar)

 Is Napoli (naples) so dirty?is it so dangerous?I live in naples, I know the good things and the bad things and trust  me it's just like  the others big cities , napoli has the same problems, nothing more or nothing less. So I'd like to hand over to some my english and american friends who lived or have been living here like Emma D. and Tracy L.

Emma was in erasmus in napoli last year(2010)and she wrote:

    • "As an English girl living for the first time in Naples, it was a given that I would find it a shock. Prior to my departure I found myself dismissing on a regular basis the usual worried litany of well meaning people (‘camorra, rubbish, crime, dirty, spoilt’) with an affected nonchalance. But when I really did board the plane, the months of reassuring people that yes, I would be fine, and no, I wouldn’t be shot had started to wear me down, and I actually was a little worried. I found a room in the Pignasecca, one of Naples more ‘bustling’ spots, bustling used here as a euphemism for ‘knocked down every five minutes by a 9 year old riding a moped while being stampeded by old women scuffling to buy tomatoes and tripe.’ I swiftly learnt that I would have to ditch my English politeness if I ever wanted to get served in the bakery; if you don’t yell, you may as well starve.
      Naples is beautiful. You can’t deny it; it’s just a beauty that happens to be decayed, graffitied on, and sometimes drowned in piles of rubbish. Or maybe the chaos plays a part in this beauty. It’s hard for me to settle on a favourite place, because I found myself enchanted on a daily basis by new discoveries, in Naples and the surrounding region. The Campi Flegrei for its startling landscapes, and thermal springs; the Islands (tiny Procida and larger, almost tropical Ischia), Vesuvius itself looming above the bay, the craggy, town-studded Amalfi coast ( and the list could go on…). In Naples itself I was first struck by the narrow streets of the centro storico, the view of the bay from Vomero, the lungo mare and its Castel del’Ovo, and the Quartier Spagnoli with its fluorescent-lit shrines lighting the way to the shabby elegance of the Piazza del Plebescito. The Pignasecca will always stay with me, as it’s where I learned to shop and eat like a Neapolitan."

      Here are a couple of pictures she took there

      Tracy is a my american friend, she's working an american base here and before leaving for napoli she wrote on her blog:

      " I still can’t believe I’m going to live here! I can’t wait!

      and above she put this picture of vesuvius with the writing:

      "This is the Bay of Naples with Mt Vesuvius in the background...isn't it beautiful!?!?!? "

      Emma made friends with a lot of italians(neapolitans people)she joined in some parties organized by neapolitan erasmus organization, we spent some days to the beache and actualy  she miss me

      Tracy has became one of my best friend I love her and we spend  almost every week
       end togheter

      So don't be afraid and come to see with your eyes my wonderful town! ;)

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