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giovedì 16 giugno 2016


Leggi la traduzione in italiano, clicca qui

When I started to work as tour guide I was so exicited!

My travel agent used sent me to the archeological excavation of Pompeii , it was amazing!

Pompeii is one of the most famous tourist and archeological place in the world. It has more than 2 milions of visitors every year. The most visited after the colosseum in Rome.

Working in Pompeii make you stronger, you've chanche to meet a lot of people coming from everywhere.It seems the whole world is there!
Me in Pompeii during the tour

At yet after the first period I started to feel a little bit confuse. Pomeii, Capri, Amalfi coast , Herculaneum. This is all. And Naples? no popular at all. It was a shame, at least for me. I live there. and especially I 've a different skill respect some my collegues. I got the graduation in historical and cultural heritage so I was more specialized in art museum, churches, monuments of gotic, renaissance and baroque time. Of course I had to study the archeology extra to overpass the exam to be a licensed tour guide but... what do i do with all my knowledge about the art?  about my heritage city?

I was so simpleton at that time that I thought my travel agent didn't want send me in my town for some reason. I also saw some my collegue work in Naples although not with english speaking

So ... why don't ask directly to my guests if they stopped in Naples or even if they have visited it and here are some answers they gave me . Same answers  today I read to a website with an article called : "The mayor turns naples in into the capital of toursim "(http://fugitivetraveler.com/neapolitan-renaissance-luigi-de-magistris-turns-naples-into-the-capital-of-the-italian-tourism// )  and reason why I chosen to write this article.
However, anwers were : "what's to see there? - it's dangerous! It's dirty . why had to go there? Oh I just saw the port/trainstation."
 Luckily a lot changed!

"Looks like De Magistris is giving back to Naples the title of capital of Mediterranean.

The mayor has made the change possible balancing the budget of the municipality, recovering the monuments of the city at zero cost to the community, implementing recycling collection door to door and improving the public transportation. Nowadays Naples is plenty of tourists, vibrant cradle of culture and art.
Naples landscape
Napoli waterfront 
It’s lovely to enjoy the city thanks to traffic restrictions on the waterfront and in the historic centre, bumping into coloured and lively paddlers (most of them now legalized!), enjoining delicious street food and viewing breathtaking landscapes.
seafood Neapolitan pizza
Seafood Napolitan Pizza
The key of success of this beautiful city is not an heroic mayor but is his idea of participatory democracy. He is trying to open a dialogue with common people, building a great popular agora"

Thanks to all this. Naples has improved a lot in the last five years and this is why is now a European capital of the tourism. It’s a city that gives you the possibility to travel as a local and on a budget because promotes local and familiar shops and activities. Because all of this Fugitive Traveler support Luigi De Magistris as mayor of the metropolitan city of Naples. 

(The last 2 pictures and paragraphs in the inverted comas are taken from fugitraveler.com)

Fabio Comella
Qualifed tour guide for the region Campania
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